Style Discovery

Style Discovery is the perfect
starting point for the shopper who needs a guide on what they should be buying.
Picking the right pieces makes all the difference when it comes to personal

Who is it for?
Regular shoppers with time to do the shopping themselves but would like
a guide on what to pick.

-1-to-1 Style Forth Coaching (1.5 hours)
-an 8-page style personality report PDF
-a personalised shopping list


Style Expedition

Get the complete experience with me as your personal stylist. Let’s go shopping and have a girls day out. I’ll show you how to turn just 14 pieces into 40 outfits that’s going to keep your wardrobe – Fresh! for 6 months.

Who is it for?
Busy ladies who would cut down shopping time and have me be their personal stylist on their shopping expedition. I’ll also pre-shop and reserve pieces that I’ve handpicked saving them even more time.

- 1-to-1 Style Forth Coaching (1.5 hours)
- an 8-page style personality report PDF
- a personalised shopping list

-pre-shopping and reservations

-2 shopping expeditions (2.5 hrs each)


Style Workshop

Need your team to up their style to fit your brand? Book a
style workshop with me.

Who is for?
HR, Team Leaders, Managers and Event Co-ordinators.

-Pre Planning Consultation
-Course Materials
-Follow up activities