Shirley Soon, Assistant Manager

Shirley Soon, Assistant Manager

Shirley Soon

Assistant Manager of CSR Advocate & Branding

orking in a sports organisation, I wore dry fit t-shirt and sneakers on daily basis. As I was preparing for a corporate job interview, I realise how lacking my wardrobe was! In the past, I would have bought some clothes online or spend hours at departmental store. Not only was it both daunting and tiring, I was always disappointed with ‘the wrong buy’. Having spent money, time and effort, it’s exasperated to end up with clothing that just don’t make the cut.

That’s when I decided to engage Style Forth’s Personal Shopping Session. Gwen chose a location containing major boutiques so we didn’t have to travel to and fro places. Based on my body shape, she picked outfits that suited the occasion and to my liking. Gwen was sensitive to made sure I was never pushed past what I didn’t fancy. At the same time, she made me comfortable exploring new styles that I didn’t dared to try on.

With the new pieces purchased, I no longer look like a teenager going to Physical Education class. I looked mature, respectable and all ready to take on the corporate world. The confidence that I gained from my outlook translated to the job interview and bonus: I got the job!

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